Performance Food Services

Nutrition plays a major role in both performance and recovery, which is why athletes must plan what they eat and drink carefully. A registered sports dietician or sport and exercise nutritionist is now an integral part of any performance team working in elite-level sport. Nutrition goals vary greatly between sports, depending on the physiological demands of that sport. For example, a gymnast aiming to achieve a low body mass yet maintain strength and power would require a very different nutrition programme to an endurance athlete such as a triathlete or distance runner. While general recommendations on what active people should eat and drink are widely available, and consensus guidelines on sports nutrition, Performance Food provides an opportunity for  getting specific advice and guidance on how to relate these guidelines to your own individual circumstances and sport (1, 2).

Performance Food personal nutrition programs for sports performance and health provide athletes and sports people with individualised nutrition strategies to:

  • support training goals and meet performance potential
  • optimise nutrition
  • stay robust and healthy
  • compete and perform at your best

Performance Food offers a personal performance nutrition plan for £300, which includes a detailed 7 day analysis of your nutritional intake and training, a one-to-one session to discuss and set nutrition targets and, based on this information, a plan with a weekly menu and recipes. It also includes 1 month’s follow-up support via email/phone.

You can either opt for one of our fixed price packages  below, or contact us to discuss a specialist support package tailored to your needs.

PF Personal Performance Nutrition Plan £300

This is an ideal starting point for any serious athlete and sportsperson wanting to get the most out of a demanding training programme.

Prior to our consultation a detailed 7 day analysis is undertaken of your training and nutritional intake. Next during our consultation your fitness and performance goals are identified and individualised nutrition goals and targets agreed. From this information your personalised nutrition performance plan, with a weekly menu and recipes are prepared and delivered to you within 5 working days.

You will receive a follow-up phone call to review progress and outcomes and any revisions and fine tuning to your nutrition performance plan will be made. Included in this package is email support for a one month follow-up period.

PF Competition Eating and Drinking Strategy £200

This is a must for anyone competing in a major event or competition such as a marathon or triathlon. Make sure the hard work invested in training pays off with a finely tuned competition eating and drinking plan.

Our complete nutritional event package includes a personalised menu plan to help your nutritional preparation in the week prior to your event, a food and fluid plan for the event itself, and a rapid nutritional recovery strategy for immediately after the event. We will provide you with a detailed food and fluid checklist to help you plan what you need to pack.

In addition a risk vs. benefit analysis will also be performed in accordance with UKAD guidelines for the use of any nutritional ergogenic aids e.g. caffeine or nitrate, with a protocol for use during your event.

You will receive a follow-up phone call to review progress and outcomes and any revisions and fine tuning to your competition eating and drinking plan will be made. Included in this package is email support for one month during the competition period

PF Specialist Nutritional Support

Many athletes and sports people have a specific nutritional issue for which they would benefit from specialist nutritional support and monitoring. We have extensive experience of providing performance nutrition programmes to elite athletes and sportspeople for increasing lean body mass and reducing body fat, as well as optimising iron, calcium and vitamin D status, hydration strategies, appropriate use of ergogenic aids, recovery nutrition and nutritional support during injury and illness.

We can negotiate a service and fee depending on your individual requirements however typically our charges are:

  • Initial consultation £75 (1 hour)
  • Follow-up review £60 (1 hour)
  • Analysis of 7 day food and training diary with feedback £99
  • Preparation of a weekly meal plan or 7 day personalised menu with full nutritional analysis £75
  • Regular ongoing support by email or phone £100 per month

Using our Services

Before accessing PF personal nutrition programs and consultancy services you can contact us to discuss your requirements.

You will be provided with a FREE introductory consultation (by phone or e-mail) so that your requirements can be discussed. You will then be advised on the most appropriate package for your needs and the fee likely to be involved if you choose to opt for specialist individual support rather than one of our fixed price packages.

Please be advised that all PF individual nutrition plans and material are provided for personal use only.

The copyright owner is Performance Food Ltd and you may not make alterations or additions to the material or sell or misappropriate it. Appropriate acknowledgement of the copyright owner is required if material is republished in any format.

Appointment cancellation policy:

An appointment is time set aside for you the client. We therefore ask that you please provide 24 hours notice if you cannot attend or wish to change your appointment. If you do miss an appointment without contacting Performance Food Ltd the full fee is charged. In the case of a PF plan the missed appointment may not be rescheduled or refunded.


  1. Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine: Nutrition and Athletic Performance. 2016. Thomas, D. Travis et al. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Volume 116, Issue 3, 501 – 528.
  2. Maughan RJ, Burke LM, Dvorak J, et al. IOC consensus statement: dietary supplements and the high-performance athlete.