About us

Dr Karen Reid

Performance Food is the brainchild of Dr Karen Reid (PhD) a Registered Dietitian and Sport & Exercise Nutritionist, who has worked at an elite level in high performance sport over the past 20 years. Karen is passionate about sharing her expertise with athletes and sportspeople, and works with individuals, sports teams, governing bodies and sports organisations, as well as business, universities and schools, with the ultimate goal of helping them to fast track towards sporting success.

About Us

Performance Food as a company has a clear mission – to help athletes and sportspeople use food to optimise performance during training and competition. Dr Karen Reid knows what it takes to help elite athletes maximise their potential to perform, and draws on many years of experience designing sport specific nutritional strategies for both teams and individuals across a range of different sporting disciplines.

Karen’s mission is to support her clients to achieve real performance improvements by translating evidence based scientific guidelines on the role of nutrition and sports performance, into practical dietary plans and menus which are periodised to support training and competition phases. Her diet coaching will challenge you to change how you eat and then show you practically how to use the optimal balance of foods to enhance sports performance. For sports performers who need to travel to events, Karen can help in the selection of safe food choices in unfamiliar locations, and manage hydration in hot and humid climates

Performance Food nutrition support can help you to compete and perform at your best and achieve your sporting potential. When you purchase a Performance Food personal nutrition plan you will not only be investing in your sporting success but saving money on unnecessary commercial sports foods and supplements.

How can Performance Food benefit you?

Performance Food can help you to eat a performance diet without unnecessary or excessive use of commercial sports foods such as energy bars and protein shakes. Performance Food articles and resources will save you money by demonstrating easy food alternatives to more expensive commercial sports foods and drinks.

What can Performance Food provide?

Performance Food also offers a unique portfolio of specialist services provided by registered sports dietitians and sport & exercise nutritionists

  • Personal nutrition packages
  • Sport specific nutritional strategies for teams and squads – performance nutrition plans with specific guidance & action plans to help you meet training and competition goals
  • Presentations, seminars and practical workshops on all aspects of sport and exercise nutrition for athletes, coaches, sports governing bodies and organisations.
  • Menu and catering consultancy – including implementation of nutritional standards at sporting events and venues, training of catering staff, and undertaking catering audits.
  • PR and Media support, including comments for press releases, TV & radio interviews and briefings.
  • Food Industry and PR consulting – provision of nutrition expertise on specialist product development, and promotional and marketing materials, road shows, exhibitions, workshops etc.
  • Education – Lecturing to students and workshops and seminars for sports professionals on specialist sports nutrition topics.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us at info@performancefood.co.uk

Past and present clients include


  • UK Sport
  • Sports Coach UK
  • UK Athletics
  • England Athletics
  • Welsh Athletics
  • English Institute of Sport
  • Sports Council for Wales
  • Amateur Rowing Association
  • British Fencing
  • Welsh Rugby Union
  • Laureus Foundation
  • Premier League football clubs
  • London Broncos RLFC
  • British Olympic Association
  • Lawn Tennis Association
  • The American College Sports Medicine
  • British Paralympic Association
  • England Women’s Rugby Football Union
  • English Hockey Association
  • Canterbury and Bristol University Sports
  • TASS



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